If you’re looking for anything related to car parts, accessories, garage essentials, or products that will help keep your car in a presentable condition, Car Part Helper is the right place for you. On our site, you’ll find lots of useful information on various products that you might need for your car, as well as comprehensive guides on how to choose the best ones for your particular needs and preferences. Our sections include accessories for your car’s interior and exterior, as well as tools, maintenance products and tools, and all sorts of gimmicks you didn’t even know you needed.

Car DashboardWhen it comes to car parts, the topic is indeed too wide to cover in a single article. However, if you’re already here, you probably know what you’re looking for, and can hit up that search bar to look for whatever you need. However, if you’ve just stumbled upon this page looking for a gift for someone (or yourself, we don’t judge), and don’t know where to start, here are a couple points for you:

Head straight to the Accessories section if you’re looking for elements that will help you upgrade your car. You’ll find lots of miscellaneous stuff gathered in there – from rear view mirrors to electronic devices, and from all sorts of cables and cords to air fresheners.

Car RadioWe have several articles dealing with a car’s sound system. These include speakers, amplifiers, radio head units, cassette adapters, and aux cords. If you’re here to look for parts that will help you customize and improve your sound system, you might want to check out the car amplifiers and car speakers we’ve reviewed in our articles.

While pointing out the best pair of speakers for everyone is nearly impossible, we’ve tried to cover all ends of the spectrum and included different kinds of products that would suit different tastes. When choosing a pair of speakers, it’s important to consider the power output you need for your vehicle. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in a separate subwoofer if you like your deep bass shaking up the whole neighborhood.

The amplifier is another essential element of a car’s sound system – which ensures that the high and mid frequencies stay crisp, while not compromising the quality of the bass. If you’re looking for an accessory to bring your vehicle’s sound system to the next level without breaking the bank, a car amp might be exactly what you need.

ControlsOr you could look for a new radio head unit! As you probably know, the factory sound head units are rarely something you can enjoy so most people will go out to purchase a better head unit. While you might think that the speakers and the amplifier are everything when it comes to deep and crisp sound, that’s not exactly the case. Without a proper radio head unit with a decent power output, the sound might not be loud or clean enough to power that sound system you’ve been struggling to put together.

Last but not least, you might need a couple of cables and extra accessories regarding the sound system, especially if you have an older vehicle model. Cassette adapters with AUX cords are always a hit with those who can’t part ways with their trusty old car. They come in the shape of a cassette, but have an aux cord that can be connected to your phone or tablet, thus accessing all your digital tracks and playlists through the car’s cassette player. Also, you can never have enough aux cables for your sound system! They’re cheap and durable, but so easy to lose! Make sure you get a couple of them as well if you’re looking to tweak your car’s sound system.

If you’re not that much into sound systems, you might want to improve your car’s practical functionality instead. There are a couple of classic devices that you can get, such as OBD scanners, GPS devices, chargers, or parking sensors.

GPS SystemHere at Car Part Helper, we like to stay in touch with our surroundings. That means we’re always on the look for the best GPS systems and the latest updates you can get for your maps. We like good deals too, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive, great quality GPS to help you find the way out of any situation, check out our article on these units.

Another product that will help you stay in touch with everything happening inside your car’s system is the OBD2 scanner. These devices can connect to your car’s cigarette lighter inlet, and will scan your system for any errors and problems. These include the state of the engine, automatic transmission, SRS, ABS, body, EPS, immobilizer system, and many other statistics that you might need to know.

You have your classic OBD2 scanners, but if you can’t be bothered with those, you can also invest in a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter. These are simple Bluetooth extensions that can be paired with your digital devices so that you can access all the information you need to know via an app on your smartphone. Check out our selection of both OBD2 scanners and OBD2 Bluetooth adapters right now!

Parking sensors are another popular accessory for your car. If you haven’t perfected your parking art just yet, these might come in handy (and even save you some insurance money, in some cases).These sets come with four or more sensors that go on the rear of your car and monitor the distance between your vehicle and the nearest collision points. Invest in one of these sets, and you’ll never see the tiniest scratch on your car’s paint!

Chargers are a staple car accessory that every vehicle owner needs to have on hand. Who knows when your phone battery is going to let you down, or your tablet is going to shut off in the middle of your little one’s favorite cartoon? Car chargers come in lots of styles and shape, can have single or multiple USB sockets, and will pair up with any cigarette holder inlet.

Rear View MirrorAnd who could say no to a new and fancy rear view mirror? From the simple and most elegant units to whole little computers that can double as parking sensors, rear view mirrors are indeed on of the most useful and versatile car accessories. And do you know what goes hand-in-hand with rear-view mirrors? That’s right – air fresheners for cars. Whether you opt for the typical little tree strips (by the way, the brand is actually called Little Trees), or you go for a fancy air ionizer or vent wrapper, the choice is up to you. Do check out our selection of car air fresheners though – you might find something you’ve never heard of before, but will fall in love with for the rest of your life.

You can also choose between more specific and essential accessories, including car batteries, spark plugs, and car battery chargers. In each of these articles, you’ll find the essential aspects you should be looking at, as well as a list of the best products you can choose from.

Perhaps you need to give your car a little makeover, inside and out? Then off the Car Cleaning section you go, my friend. You’ll find guides the best products and tools that will help you keep your vehicle in a presentable condition any day of the week.

To start off, you might want to take a look at car vacuum cleaners. These bad boys come in lots of sizes and shapes – some are small and meant to be kept in the car for all sorts of emergencies, while other are car salon-level cleaning stations, with tens of different heads and functions for getting rid of the most stubborn messes. If that monthly trip to the car salon is going hard on your wallet, invest in a car vacuum cleaner of your own – it might be pricey at first, but it will definitely pay off over time. If you have a leather salon, it’s pretty mandatory that you invest in a leather cleaner and conditioner set. These products are more gentle than regular soap and fabric conditioner, which helps maintain the softness and beautiful aspect of the leather seats. Most of these products also have that very nice “new car” smell that everyone loves – so you can say that you get two birds with one stone.

Cleaning CarKeeping the exterior of your car in a great condition might be challenging as well. It requires a lot of work to keep the paint surface even and shiny, while at the same time taking care of the plastic parts and windows. You might need to invest in a good quality car soap or shampoo first, as this is the crucial element for removing any impurities from the surface. Make sure they work up lots of suds, and are gentle as possible – you might even want to dilute them in water to protect the paint. However, if you haven’t cleaned your car in a very long time, you might need to go for some harsher methods, such as paint correction. You can do a pretty good job yourself just by getting a buffer/polisher tool and a pack of buffing and polishing pads. These polisher tools also double up as wax applicators, so you’ll be getting two birds with one stone if you decide to get one. The pad packs are great for a number of reasons – they have several sponges with different textures, some softer and others more aggressive, which will help you achieve a perfectly even and clean look on your automobile. Your headlights are particularly prone to all sorts of buildups, and the clear plastic might even become cloudy or yellow from the continuous exposure to them. That’s why we have also prepared a list of the best headlight restoration kits – which are pretty much a set of sandpaper pads to go on your polisher, as well as one or two solutions to bring back the shine after sanding.

Speaking of waxing, it’s really important to give your car was a makeover every now and again as well. And if you’ve already invested in a polisher, all you have to do is get your hands on the best car wax out there and get to work! There are two main types of car wax – regular and black. Black car wax has a dark hue to it and is created specifically for dark colored car paint. It will give your car that polished-to-perfection look, so that not a person will be able to tell the difference between a DIY and a professional job.

Iced Car WindshieldDon’t forget about your windows either – give them a good scrub with one of these windshield cleaner products, or get some new windshield wipers to eliminate mineral buildup and streaking. You cannot do much without a proper windshield washer solution, and you can choose between a bunch of them here on Car Part Helper.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about system cleaning as well – two of the most important products everyone should have in their garage are engine degreasers, and fuel injector cleaners. Fuel injector cleaners will get rid of any mineral buildups inside your fuel combustion system, prolonging the life of your engine. On the other hand, engine degreasers are just a very potent version of soap, that can get rid of any oil or grease in your garage.

HID HeadlightsIf you’re in need of some new headlight light bulbs or even a new headlight kit, we have three articles regarding the main types of headlights. These are halogen, Led, and XID Xenon light bulbs. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, but if we were to put it simply, here’s how it goes:

Halogen light bulbs are the basic kind – they’re cheap, not very bright, and have the tendency to turn yellow as time passes. They also have the shortest lifespan among the three, but they’re still the staple choice grace to the low price.

LED headlights have a rather long lifespan, save a lot of energy, and don’t heat up (unlike halogen bulbs). They are more expensive but definitely worth the investment in the long run. Their light has a colder shade and is also brighter than that of halogen bulbs.

Last but not least, we have HID Xenon bulbs. These are the most expensive you’ll find on the market, but also some of the best quality headlight light bulbs out there. They are the brightest out of the three and even offer color and brightness variations. However, their lifespan is not as long as LED bulbs’, but still decent enough for the price.

As we have subtly moved from the Cleaning section to the Exterior one, let us introduce you to a thing that you didn’t know you needed – tint films for your windows! I mean, you could already have some factory ones going on on your windows, but that’s no fun, is it? You could feel like a celebrity every day with a 50% opacity film (if your state allows it, obviously). Or, if you’re feeling edgy/funky/Paris Hilton, you can go for crazy colors for the tint films. From Barbie pink to electric blue and green, everything is possible!

Roof CarrierAnother thing you might need at some point in your life is rooftop carriers. There are two types – hard shell and soft shell carriers, and while the hard shells might be a bit over the budget for some people, the soft ones make for a really nice gift – be it for yourself or for one of your friends. You’ll never know when you don’t have enough space in your trunk for your wife’s extra luggage, or for that friend’s surfboard that they always forget to tell you about!

If you’re going camping or on a long vacation in a place with no garage, you might also need to take a car cover with you. These units are really useful for protecting your car against rain, snow, or ice buildups, as well as against physical elements, such as bird droppings or tree sap. Check out our article on car covers, and choose one with a security lock – you can never have too make precautions!

Last but not least, we have a whole section dedicated to Tools – some of which you might not yet have in your garage. We have articles dedicated to torque wrenches or cordless power tools. These might not exactly classify as “car parts” but they definitely do come handy in the garage.

Orange RC CarAnd if you’re one of those people who never grow up, check out our articles on radio controlled vehicles. We’ve covered the best RC cars and trucks for hobby collectors – and they will definitely bring a smile on any guy’s face, regardless of age!

That’s what Car Part Helper is here for – to do the car-related brainstorming for you, and offer you a bunch of alternatives regarding accessories, tools, cleaning products, and the like. We hope you find something useful and/or entertaining on this website, and that no matter what products you decide on buying, you’ll remain 100% satisfied with it!